To build on Unix, run CONF=unix make.

To build on Solaris using Sun cc, run CONF=sun make.

To build on Windows, you need Mingw. See http://www.mingw.org. Edit Make.config to uncomment the Windows section and comment out the rest. Then run CONF=windows make.

(You can download nmake from http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;Q132084 Rename it to make.exe and put it in your path somewhere. )

I haven't tested the Windows build on Windows itself. I cross-compile using mingw32 on Linux.


See http://swtch.com/drawterm/


Use Mercurial: hg clone http://code.swtch.com/drawterm On the web at http://code.swtch.com/drawterm Tar file at http://swtch.com/drawterm/ In the Plan 9 distribution: /sys/src/cmd/unix/drawterm/ (sometimes out of date)


Issue tracker: http://code.swtch.com/drawterm/issues


  • Should import latest /dev/draw to allow resize of window

  • Should copy 9term code and make console window a real 9term window instead.

  • Should implement /dev/label.

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